Spread overview

The 3-card 'Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice' tarot spread is a concise and powerful tool for self-reflection and guidance. It offers a snapshot of your current situation by highlighting areas of your character and life that are your strong points, places where you might need some improvement, and the advice to move forward.

The simplicity of this spread makes it a favorite among both tarot beginners and seasoned readers. It can be put to use in many contexts – from personal growth to decision making in one's career or relationships. Engaging with this spread can provide clarity and insight, helping to align actions with the highest personal good. It cuts through the noise of a complex situation and gets to the heart of the matter: your inherent strengths, the challenges you face, and the potential strategies for overcoming obstacles.

This spread is highly adaptable and can be customized to suit a variety of queries. It is also an excellent choice for daily readings, where a quick check-in can set a thoughtful tone for the day ahead. By understanding the significance of each position in this spread, one can cultivate a more profound self-awareness and an empowered approach to life's trials and triumphs.

Three card "Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice" spread

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Temperance tarot card


Seven of Wands tarot card


Ace of Cups tarot card


Temperance tarot card

The upright Temperance card signifies balance, moderation, and the blending of opposites to create equilibrium. It encourages reflection, patience, and the avoidance of extremes, suggesting that harmony is key to personal growth and inner peace.

Card details
Seven of Wands tarot card

The Seven of Wands symbolizes the courage to stand up against opposition and defend one's position. It suggests maintaining personal convictions and resilience in the face of challenges and competition.

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Ace of Cups tarot card

The Ace of Cups is about new emotional beginnings and the potential for deep connections and relationships. Overflowing with love and empathy, it signals an open and receptive heart. Listen to intuition and be ready for emotional growth in the form of friendships, love, and creative projects.

Card details

The tarot card meanings provided here offer general insights and may not precisely reflect your personal question. Use this tool as a catalyst for self-discovery, understanding that the interpretation is subjective, and the true value lies in your own reflections.

What questions you can ask?

When using the 'Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice' spread, it is crucial to approach the reading with specific questions in mind that allow for introspection and actionable insight.

Questions to consider might include: 'What strengths do I currently possess that I can draw upon?', 'Where are areas for improvement or growth in my personal life or career?', 'What advice does the Tarot offer to tackle the challenges ahead of me?', 'In what ways can I leverage my strengths to overcome my weaknesses?', and 'What steps should I take next to align more closely with my aspirations or desired outcomes?'. These questions are open-ended but focused, allowing the tarot to provide guidance that is both useful and empowering.

What questions better to avoid?

Some questions are less suited for the 'Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice' spread, particularly those that limit the potential for self-reflection and personal growth.

Avoid asking yes or no questions, such as 'Will I get the job/promotion?'; instead, focus on how you can improve your chances. Refrain from questions that relinquish personal responsibility, like 'Is this situation entirely my fault?' Instead, inquire about how you can address and improve the situation. It's also unwise to ask for advice about others without their consent or for insights into matters that you are not willing or ready to change or accept.

Spread step by step guide

  1. Start by finding a quiet space, where you can focus without distractions. Create an environment that supports introspection and ensures privacy.

  2. Focus on your question or concern, holding it in your mind as you shuffle the tarot deck. Ensure your question is aligned with the spread's intent.

  3. When you feel ready, stop shuffling and cut the deck with your left hand, placing the left stack on the right.

  4. Draw three cards from the top of the deck and lay them from left to right, assigning each the position of 'Strengths', 'Weaknesses', and 'Advice' respectively.

  5. Turn over the first card, focusing on the imagery and intuitive impressions to decipher the revealed strength. Take your time to reflect on its meaning.

  6. Reveal the second card, which represents weaknesses or areas for improvement. Consider not just the challenges but also the reasons behind these weaknesses.

  7. Finally, reveal the third card as the advice for approaching the situation or challenges. Look for actionable steps and guidance for leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses.

Card positions in details

Each card position in the 'Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice' spread holds significant meaning and contributes to the overall message of the tarot reading.

The first card is all about your strengths. It represents your natural talents, skills, or circumstances that serve you well. These can include personal attributes, learned experiences, or external factors in your favor. Recognizing your strengths not only boosts confidence but also serves as a foundation upon which to build and grow.

The second card, representing weaknesses, uncovers the areas of your life that may require extra attention or development. This can reflect personal challenges, external pressures, or emotional roadblocks. The goal here is not to criticize but to encourage self-awareness and growth.

The third and final card, the advice card, provides guidance on how to navigate your path forward. It may suggest specific actions, a change of perspective, or reinforcements of positive behaviors. This card can hold the key to synthesizing your strengths and weaknesses into a comprehensive plan for moving ahead.

Sample of reading

Recently, a client named Sam approached me with a question about her career advancement. She felt uncertain about her abilities to step into a leadership role she desired. After grounding ourselves and focusing on her question, I drew three cards on her behalf.

The first card was the Queen of Wands, a strong indicator of Sam's strength. It highlighted her charisma, confidence, and ability to inspire others – all essential qualities for a leader. The Queen's presence affirmed that Sam naturally embodied leadership.

For weaknesses, the reversed Nine of Swords was revealed. This card suggested she struggled with self-doubt and anxiety, which were internal challenges holding her back from her potential. It advised that addressing her fears and developing strategies to cope with stress would be beneficial.

The advice came in the form of The Chariot, encouraging Sam to harness her determination and use her willpower to overcome obstacles. It was a clear sign that she needed to take focused action, remaining committed to her goals despite any internal or external conflicts.

Through this spread, Sam gained insights into leveraging her strengths and tackling her insecurities while also being prompted to take decisive steps towards her career aspirations.

Spread tips

  1. Maintain an open mind and heart throughout the reading, being willing to hear what the cards have to convey, even if it's challenging.

  2. Phrase your questions in a way that empowers you and focuses on personal agency and growth.

  3. Take time to reflect on each card individually and in relation to one another, considering the narrative that emerges from the spread as a whole.

  4. Utilize additional resources like journaling or sketching to explore the spread’s meanings deeper and to document insights for future reflection.

  5. Do not rush the process. After revealing each card, pause to absorb its message and implications fully.

Common mistakes

  1. Approaching the reading with a closed mindset, resisting the messages that the cards may reveal.

  2. Asking overly broad or vague questions, which can lead to ambiguous readings and confusion.

  3. Ignoring the context of the card's position in the spread by interpreting it in isolation rather than how it relates to the other cards.

  4. Becoming fixated on the so-called negative cards or positions in the spread, forgetting that each card serves as a guide for improvement and reflection.

  5. Expecting the tarot to make decisions for you rather than using the readings as a tool for empowered decision-making and personal growth.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What can I do if my 'weaknesses' card feels too negative or disheartening?

Remember that every card has a spectrum of meanings. Rather than a definitive statement on your character, it's an opportunity for growth. Reframe the card's message into actionable steps for improvement.

How often can I do the 'Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice' spread?

You can use this spread as often as needed, but it's generally best to give yourself time to reflect and act upon previous readings before doing another.

Is the 'Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice' spread suitable for questions about relationships?

Absolutely. While ensuring you focus on your role within the relationship, this spread can provide valuable insights into interpersonal dynamics.

What should I do if the advice card is unclear?

Spend some extra time meditating on the imagery and possible meanings of the card. Drawing a clarifying card can also help deepen your understanding.

Can this spread predict the future?

Tarot is more about guidance than prediction. It can outline potential outcomes based on current paths but remember that the future is not set in stone.

Can I use this spread for daily readings?

This spread is excellent for daily insights as it helps focus on continual personal development and immediate actions you can take.

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