Spread overview

The 3 cards "Heart, Head, Hands" spread is a simple yet profound method to gain insights into one's emotional, mental, and actionable states. These three elements are central to understanding ourselves and how we interact with the world. The Heart symbolizes our emotional self, the feelings that drive us, and what we truly desire. The Head represents our thought processes, beliefs, and decisions. The Hands signify action, how we manifest our thoughts and feelings into the world. By examining these three distinct areas using the tarot, we can achieve a holistic overview of a situation or our current state of being.

This spread is versatile and can be used as a daily check-in, or to explore specific questions and challenges. It's designed to create a narrative that can guide us towards harmony between our emotions, thoughts, and actions. The simple layout allows for clarity and focus, making it an excellent spread for both beginners and seasoned readers alike. With each position centered on a crucial aspect of human experience, the insights gained can be particularly impactful. This spread can assist in uncovering emotional blockages, clarifying intentions, and encouraging proactive steps towards one's goals.

As a Tarot reader, I find the "Heart, Head, Hands" spread to be a powerful tool to uncover the subtleties of personal dynamics and help querents move forward with confidence and clarity. Whether dealing with personal growth, career decisions, or relationship matters, this spread serves as a mirror reflecting the inner workings of one's life and a roadmap to better alignment and fulfillment.

Three card "Heart, Head, Hands" spread

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Six of Pentacles tarot card

The Six of Pentacles upright indicates a period of balanced giving and receiving, emphasizing generosity, fairness, and the flow of resources. It's a reminder to maintain equilibrium in sharing blessings and being open to support from others.

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The Nine of Pentacles denotes prosperity, self-sufficiency, and financial independence. This card celebrates the rewards of hard work and discipline, encouraging one to enjoy the finer things in life and the peace of personal sanctuary.

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The Three of Wands symbolizes foresight, opportunity, and expansion. It suggests growth, planning, and the success awaiting beyond familiar boundaries. This card encourages embracing the future with an open, proactive mindset to realize your potential and seize upcoming opportunities.

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The tarot card meanings provided here offer general insights and may not precisely reflect your personal question. Use this tool as a catalyst for self-discovery, understanding that the interpretation is subjective, and the true value lies in your own reflections.

What questions you can ask?

The "Heart, Head, Hands" tarot spread is well-suited for questions that require introspection and clarity on how to move forward. When approaching this spread, the questions should be open-ended and focused on personal growth and understanding. Good questions can help the querent to dive deeper into their emotional well-being, mental processes, and actionable steps.

Some questions to consider might include: 'What is my heart truly longing for now?', 'How can I align my thoughts with my inner desires?', 'What actions can I take to manifest my goals?', 'Where should I focus my energy to foster personal growth?', 'In what way can I balance my emotions and thoughts to achieve harmony?', or 'How can my actions reflect my true self?' These questions initiate self-exploration and pave the way for profound insights generated by the spread.

What questions better to avoid?

While the "Heart, Head, Hands" spread offers deep insights, certain types of questions are not well-suited for this layout. When crafting questions for this spread, it's important to avoid yes-or-no questions, as they don't allow the depth of insight that tarot spreads are designed to facilitate. Additionally, this spread focuses on the querent's inner experiences and personal agency, so questions should not be about predicting the future or the actions of others.

Examples of questions to avoid would be: 'Will I get the job I applied for?', 'Is my partner faithful to me?', 'Should I invest money in this venture?', or 'When will I achieve my dream?'. Such questions steer away from the reflective nature of the spread and can lead to unsatisfactory or superficial readings. Instead, try to reframe your inquiries to focus on personal insights and strategies for action based on one's emotions and thoughts.

Spread step by step guide

  1. Begin with a quiet moment to center yourself and focus on the querent's energy or the question at hand.

  2. Shuffle the tarot deck thoroughly while keeping your question in mind.

  3. Ask the querent to cut the deck into three stacks and then to restack them.

  4. Draw three cards from the top of the deck or have the querent draw them.

  5. Lay out the cards in order from left to right with the following positions: First card - Heart, Second card - Head, Third card - Hands.

  6. Take a moment to observe the overall feel and imagery of the cards before diving into the specifics of each position.

  7. Start the reading by interpreting the Heart card to uncover the emotional aspect of the question.

  8. Proceed to the Head card, discussing the querent's current mindset or thought patterns.

  9. Conclude with the Hands card, which suggests the actions the querent might consider taking.

Card positions in details

In the Heart, Head, Hands tarot spread, each card occupies a distinct and crucial position that corresponds to an element of the querent's life experience. The placement of each card provides a framework to contemplate and improve one's circumstances.

The Heart card is the emotional core of the spread. It reflects the querent's current emotional state and the desires or fears that lie beneath the surface of their consciousness. This card can often reveal what is driving the querent’s actions or reactions and offer insights into the relational aspects of the issue at hand.

The Head card represents cognition and perspective. It illustrates the querent's thoughts, beliefs, and attitude towards the situation. This card can indicate the mental patterns or biases that may be influencing the querent’s decision-making process and highlights areas of potential growth in their thinking.

The Hands card is all about action. It signifies the steps the querent can take to realize their aims. This card sheds light on the possibilities for movement and change, advising on how the querent can apply their heart's desires and head's ideas into real-world actions.

Sample of reading

A client once asked, 'How can I find the right balance in my work-life situation?' During the reading, the following cards were drawn: The Empress for the Heart, The Two of Swords for the Head, and The Chariot for the Hands.

The Heart card, The Empress, suggested a deep longing for nurturing and creativity in the client's work, a need for an environment that fosters growth and emotional satisfaction. The Empress indicates a desire for harmony and abundance, implying my client's work should not only provide financial stability but also personal fulfillment.

The Head card, The Two of Swords, represented a state of indecision and the need for a balanced mind. The client was likely overthinking their situation, leading to paralysis rather than decision. It indicated a mental stalemate between two paths, perhaps the work and home life, which needed to be addressed for progress.

Finally, the Hands card, The Chariot, spoke to the importance of assertive action. It suggested that once the client made a decision, they would have to commit fully and push forward with determination and focus to achieve their work-life balance. The Chariot indicated the possibility of successfully taking the reins of their life by aligning emotional desires with thoughtful choices, resulting in focused action steps.

The spread provided the client with a clear narrative: acknowledge and prioritize emotional needs, clear mental blocks through decisive thinking, and then take confident, directed action to achieve the desired balance.

Spread tips

  1. Ground yourself and the querent before starting the reading to facilitate a clear and focused session.

  2. Encourage the querent to be open-minded and ready to explore both the light and shadow aspects of their life.

  3. Use intuitive prompts to delve deeper into the significance of each card, and how they can guide the querent towards alignment and action.

  4. Remember to interpret the cards in relation to each other to provide a coherent narrative that resonates with the querent’s situation.

  5. Offer actionable advice based on the Hands card to empower the querent to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals.

Common mistakes

  1. Ignoring the emotional depth of the Heart card by providing only a superficial interpretation.

  2. Overcomplicating the Head card reading instead of seeking clear, concise thought patterns.

  3. Offering vague or non-practical advice for the Hands card, hindering the querent’s ability to act.

  4. Failing to see the interconnectedness of the cards, which can result in disjointed or irrelevant advice.

  5. Assuming a one-size-fits-all meaning for each card, without tailoring the interpretation to the individual querent.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What can the Heart, Head, Hands spread help me with?

This spread is designed to offer clarity on your emotional state (Heart), mental processes (Head), and the actions you can take (Hands) concerning a particular situation in your life. It can guide personal growth, decision making, and setting actionable goals.

Is the Heart, Head, Hands spread suitable for beginners?

Yes, it's a straightforward spread that is great for beginners because of its clear structure and focused approach to reading.

Can I use this spread for any type of question?

This spread is most effective for questions that revolve around balancing inner feelings with outward actions but might not be suitable for predictive or yes-or-no questions.

How often can I use the Heart, Head, Hands spread?

You can use this spread whenever you feel the need for guidance, but it is generally good practice to allow some time for reflection and action after a reading before consulting the cards again.

How should I interpret reversals in this spread?

Interpreting reversals depends on your reading style, but generally, they can indicate internal blockages, delays, or internalized aspects of the card's energy, especially pertinent to the 'Heart' and 'Head' cards.

What if the cards drawn do not seem to relate to the question?

Tarot readings can sometimes reveal underlying issues or aspects not directly asked about but are influencing the situation. Take time to reflect on the broader implications of the cards drawn.

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