Spread overview

The 3-card 'Love, Work, Health' tarot spread is a simple yet powerful spread for gaining insight into the most compelling aspects of one’s personal life. This spread is ideal for those who are looking for clarity and guidance in these specific areas, whether you are facing uncertainty, seeking change, or trying to better understand your current situation.

Each position in this spread represents a distinct area of your life. The first card represents 'Love', which covers all matters of the heart, relationships, and emotions. The second card signifies 'Work', encompassing career, ambition, and financial matters. The third card addresses 'Health', relating to physical wellbeing, mental state, and overall vitality.

Using this spread, tarot readers can offer comprehensive insights by interpreting the cards in relation to the individual concern of each area. Each card's significance is nuanced by its position and the interplay between the cards can also highlight areas of connection or tension between love, work, and health. By understanding the messages of the tarot, individuals can gain a clearer picture of the forces at play in their lives and identify potential paths forward or areas in need of attention.

Three card "Love, Work, Health" spread

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Six of Cups tarot card


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Three of Cups tarot card


Six of Cups tarot card

The Six of Cups represents nostalgia, childhood memories, and a return to the simplicity of the past. It suggests reunions and the joy derived from sharing generously without expectation, reminding us to embrace positive aspects from our history.

Card details
King of Wands tarot card

The upright King of Wands symbolizes a charismatic and bold leader, embodying authority, ambition, and the ability to inspire others. This card encourages embracing leadership, mastering skills, and responsibly using one's influence to maintain integrity and achieve goals.

Card details
Three of Cups tarot card

The Three of Cups symbolizes celebration, friendship, and collaboration. It denotes coming together in joyous occasions, emphasizes the importance of social connections, and reflects shared emotional growth and support. Seize these moments to cherish communal bonds and revel in collective achievements.

Card details

The tarot card meanings provided here offer general insights and may not precisely reflect your personal question. Use this tool as a catalyst for self-discovery, understanding that the interpretation is subjective, and the true value lies in your own reflections.

What questions you can ask?

Inquiring effectively during the 'Love, Work, Health' tarot spread is key to obtaining meaningful guidance. Start by contemplating open-ended questions that will provide depth and insight.

Questions to consider for 'Love':

- What do I need to understand about my current relationship?

- How can I improve my prospects for love?

- What can I learn from my past relationships to better my love life?

For 'Work':

- What should I focus on for career advancement?

- How can I align my work life with my personal values?

- What are the financial implications of my current career path?

Regarding 'Health':

- What steps should I take to improve my overall wellbeing?

- How does my mental state influence my physical health?

- What can I do to maintain balance in my life?

What questions better to avoid?

While tarot spreads like 'Love, Work, Health' can be illuminating, there are types of questions that should be avoided to maintain the integrity and helpfulness of the reading.

Avoid yes-or-no questions as they offer limited room for interpretation, such as 'Will I get the job I applied for?' Instead, focus on how you can best prepare for opportunities. Refrain from questions that disempower you or seek exact predictions, like 'When will I meet my soulmate?' or 'Will I get sick this year?' The cards are more about guidance and potential paths than precise timelines or guaranteed outcomes.

Also, it is not advisable to ask for details about other people's thoughts or feelings, as tarot readings are introspective tools meant for personal insight and growth.

Spread step by step guide

  1. Center yourself and focus on your intentions for the reading.

  2. Shuffle the deck while contemplating the areas of Love, Work, and Health in your life.

  3. Cut the deck into three piles and reassemble it in a way that feels right to you.

  4. Draw three cards, laying them out in a row from left to right, each representing Love, Work, and Health respectively.

  5. Take a moment to observe the overall energy and any immediate feelings or thoughts that arise.

  6. Begin interpreting each card individually, starting with the Love position and then moving to Work and Health.

  7. Synthesize the meanings of the individual cards to understand how they might influence each other and what overall message they are presenting.

Card positions in details

In the 3-card 'Love, Work, Health' tarot spread, each position has its unique influence on the reading.

The 'Love' card provides insight into the querent’s romantic life, emotional connections, and relationship dynamics. It can highlight potential challenges to overcome or affirmations of the current path.

The 'Work' card reflects the querent’s professional life, career ambitions, and financial matters. This card speaks to one’s contributions to the world through their work and can underscore changes needed to achieve career goals.

The 'Health' card is indicative of the querent’s physical and mental wellbeing. This card offers advice on how to nurture one’s health and can serve as a warning for potential issues needing attention or as encouragement for positive lifestyle choices.

Sample of reading

A client once asked, 'How can I align my life for better balance and fulfillment in love, work, and health?'

Upon drawing the cards, we found 'The Lovers' in the love position, 'The Eight of Pentacles' in the work position, and 'The Star' in the health position.

The spread indicated a harmonious love life; 'The Lovers' suggested that the client was at a crossroads with a significant relationship decision that would impact their emotional well-being. The card spoke to potential unity or a need for clear communication and choice.

In terms of work, 'The Eight of Pentacles' showed a dedication to craftsmanship and a commitment to professional growth. The card suggested hard work paying off, but it also hinted at the need to ensure that this dedication does not compromise other life areas.

For health, 'The Star' was a positive omen, suggesting hope and spiritual guidance aiding the client’s physical and mental well-being. This card brought a message of inspiration and renewed energy, encouraging the client to trust in the healing process and maintain optimism.

The reading revealed that while my client’s dedication to work was admirable, it was essential to maintain harmony by making conscious choices in love and remaining hopeful and attentive to personal health.

Spread tips

  1. Approach the spread with an open heart and mind, ready to accept the messages the Tarot offers.

  2. Customize the spread by focusing on specific aspects within each domain for a more tailored reading.

  3. Look for patterns or themes in the cards that might connect or influence the different areas of love, work, and health.

  4. Take time to reflect on the reading and how it resonates with your experiences and feelings.

  5. Consider keeping a tarot journal to track your readings and the insights they provide over time.

Common mistakes

  1. Asking overly specific or yes-or-no questions that limit the depth of the reading.

  2. Expecting the tarot to make decisions for you rather than using it as a tool for guidance.

  3. Mixing up the positions and thereby misinterpreting the message of each card.

  4. Reading too literally and not taking the time to intuitively connect with the cards.

  5. Ignoring the interconnectedness of love, work, and health in the spread and reading the cards in isolation.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How often should I do the 'Love, Work, Health' tarot spread?

The frequency can vary based on personal preference and life circumstances. Some might benefit from weekly readings, while others may choose to do this spread monthly or during significant life changes.

Can I repeat the 'Love, Work, Health' spread if I don’t like the outcome?

Instead of repeating the spread to get a 'better' outcome, reflect on the message and consider how you might address the challenges presented. Repeating too soon may cause confusion.

Do I need to be experienced in tarot to use this spread?

No, the 'Love, Work, Health' spread is simple enough for beginners but also offers depth for experienced readers.

Should the cards always be read in the same order?

It's generally best to read them in the order they were drawn: first love, then work, followed by health, to maintain the structure of the spread.

What if the cards drawn don’t seem to relate to the questions I had in mind?

Sometimes the Tarot reveals issues that we're not consciously aware of but need attention. Spend some time reflecting on the cards - the relevance may become clear later.

Can this spread predict my future in love, work, or health?

This spread is more about providing guidance for the present moment and suggesting possible future developments, rather than making predictions.

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