The Art of 3 Card Spreads in Tarot

Past, Present, Future: A Timeless Triad

In the Past/Present/Future spread, each card represents a distinct chapter in the book of your life. The past whispers echoes of lessons learned, the present paints a vivid picture of your current reality, and the future unfolds its potential. This timeless triad serves as a compass, guiding you through the ebbs and flows of your personal journey.

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Mind, Body, Spirit: Harmony in Three

For those seeking a holistic approach, the Mind/Body/Spirit spread delves into the interconnected facets of your well-being. Your mind, body, and spirit are not isolated realms; they dance in harmony. This spread illuminates the delicate balance required for a fulfilling existence, offering profound insights into the unity of your inner self.

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Love, Work, Health: A Comprehensive Compass

In matters of the heart, career, and health, the Love/Work/Health spread emerges as a comprehensive compass. Your desires, ambitions, and well-being intertwine in this triad, guiding you through the nuanced decisions that shape your everyday reality. This spread empowers you to navigate the complexities of life with clarity and purpose.

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The Power Within the Trio

What makes 3 card spreads so remarkably powerful and crucial in the tarot landscape? Their strength lies in simplicity—a trinity of cards that weaves a narrative, tapping into the essence of your being. The concise nature of these spreads provides a focused lens, allowing the reader to navigate through the layers of energy and symbolism with precision.

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