Spread overview

The 'Hopes, Fears, Outcome' spread is a simple yet profound tarot reading structure designed to provide insight into the querent's subconscious motivations and potential future. This three-card layout is an exploratory tool, focused on revealing the querent's deepest hopes and darkest fears, concluding with the likely outcome if they continue on their current path.

This spread is highly versatile, applicable for a variety of situations and questions—whether you're curious about the trajectory of a relationship, an ongoing project, or personal growth. The cards drawn in this spread act as psychological mirrors, reflecting the querent's internal world and how it may manifest externally. The power of this spread lies in its ability to clarify emotions that may be hidden even from the querent themselves, and to illuminate the forces at play that could shape their future. By interpreting the interplay between the cards, the tarot reader offers a narrative that weaves together the querent's desires, anxieties, and potential, guiding them towards deeper self-awareness and empowerment.

Three card "Hopes, Fears, Outcome" spread

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Six of Wands tarot card


Queen of Wands tarot card


Ten of Cups tarot card


Six of Wands tarot card

The Six of Wands indicates triumph, public recognition, and success. It suggests victory after hard work and the acknowledgement by peers. It calls for humility amidst victory and serves as a reminder to maintain confidence to achieve even greater things.

Card details
Queen of Wands tarot card

The Queen of Wands represents charisma, confidence, and social grace, suggesting a period of creativity, leadership, and independence. It embodies the spirited dynamism required to lead and inspire, highlighting the importance of positivity and self-belief in one's endeavors.

Card details
Ten of Cups tarot card

The Ten of Cups upright is a powerful symbol of emotional fulfillment, happiness, and family bliss. It suggests a harmonious home life, strong familial bonds, and a sense of contentment and gratitude. This card heralds a period of stability and joy, where love and support abound.

Card details

The tarot card meanings provided here offer general insights and may not precisely reflect your personal question. Use this tool as a catalyst for self-discovery, understanding that the interpretation is subjective, and the true value lies in your own reflections.

What questions you can ask?

In the 'Hopes, Fears, Outcome' tarot spread, the key is to ask questions that probe into the internal state of the querent's aspirations and apprehensions, paired with their potential resolution.

Questions you may explore include: 'What is my truest hope in my current situation?', 'What fears are holding me back from achieving my goals?', and 'What is the probable outcome if I proceed with my current approach?' Other questions might be related to personal development, such as 'What hope is driving my personal growth journey?', 'What fear do I need to overcome to progress?', and 'What can I expect to happen if I confront or avoid this fear?'. These questions facilitate a deep dive into personal sentiments and forecast the trajectory based on those emotional currents.

What questions better to avoid?

While many questions are suitable for the 'Hopes, Fears, Outcome' spread, it's important to avoid queries that do not align with the introspective nature of the spread.

Inappropriate questions may include those seeking definite answers to specific events, such as 'Will I get the job I applied for?', or 'Should I make this investment?'. Questions that attempt to intrude on another's free will, such as 'Does this person love me?' or 'Will my ex return?', should be approached with caution and reframed to focus on the querent's emotional responses and growth. Lastly, avoid questions that require a yes or no answer, as the spread is designed to delve into the complexity of emotions and outcomes rather than provide binary responses.

Spread step by step guide

  1. Center yourself and your deck through your preferred grounding technique. This may include deep breathing, visualization, or simply shuffling the cards to align the deck's energy with your own.

  2. Have the querent (or yourself, if self-reading) focus on their situation and frame their question in terms of hopes and fears.

  3. Shuffle the deck while concentrating on the posed question, transferring the querent's energy into the cards.

  4. Cut the deck into three piles and restack them in an order that feels right, infused with intent.

  5. Draw three cards, one at a time, and lay them out in a row. The first card represents Hopes, the second encapsulates Fears, and the third indicates the Outcome.

  6. Interpret each card individually, ensuring to consider how its meaning relates to its position in the spread. Be attuned to any intuitive insights that may arise during the reading.

Card positions in details

Understanding the significance of each card position is crucial for an insightful reading.

The Hopes card is the aspirational anchor of the spread. It sheds light on the querent's ideal outcome or best-case scenario. It represents their dreams, ambitions, and the positive drive behind their actions.

The Fears card serves as the foil, revealing internal hurdles, doubts, or negative beliefs that may sabotage the querent's path. This card confronts the querent with their shadow side — the aspects they may be ignoring, repressing, or avoiding.

Finally, the Outcome card is a synthesis of the dynamic between the querent's hopes and fears. It projects a likely future based on the energies and patterns currently at play. This card provides guidance for the querent to heed as they navigate their situation.

Sample of reading

A client recently approached me with the question, 'What should I focus on to enhance my career growth?'. After guiding them through the shuffling process, we conducted the 'Hopes, Fears, Outcome' spread.

The Hopes card revealed the Ace of Wands, indicating a bright spark of opportunity and enthusiasm for new ventures. This suggested that my client harbored a strong desire to ignite a new creative or entrepreneurial project.

The Fears card was the Moon, a symbol of confusion and the fear of the unknown. It revealed an underlying apprehension about stepping out of their comfort zone and the fear of potential unseen risks.

The Outcome card drawn was the Two of Swords, implying that my client was at a crossroads, facing indecision. The card's dual nature suggested that the outcome would align closely with their ability to balance their enthusiasm for new ventures with their anxiety about the unknown, hinting at a need for careful deliberation and decision-making in their career path.

The reading concluded with advice for the client to channel their hope-fueled creativity to overcome their insecurities and take well-considered steps towards their professional aspirations.

Spread tips

  1. Maintain clear and focused intentions throughout the reading; the more specific the querent's concentration, the clearer the insights.

  2. Encourage honesty from the querent; acknowledging deep-seated hopes and fears can uncover profound truths.

  3. Promote a safe, non-judgmental space for the querent to express their vulnerabilities and receive the reading's insights.

  4. Foster an open mind and allow intuition to guide the interpretation of the cards in relation to the querent's personal circumstances.

  5. Offer actionable advice based on the Outcome card; suggest practical steps the querent can take to address the themes presented in the spread.

Common mistakes

  1. Asking overly specific questions that don't align with the spread's focus on internal emotional states.

  2. Neglecting to reflect on the positional meanings of the cards, leading to misinterpretation of the cards' significance.

  3. Failing to synthesize the interconnections between hopes and fears, which could result in a disjointed or incomplete reading.

  4. Allowing personal biases, either from the reader or querent, to influence the interpretation of the cards.

  5. Not creating a conducive environment for a reading, which can disrupt the querent's concentration and the flow of energy.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can the 'Hopes, Fears, Outcome' spread predict exactly what will happen?

The spread provides insights into potential outcomes based on current energies, rather than concrete predictions. The future is dynamic and influenced by free will.

Is this spread suitable for questions about relationships?

Absolutely, as long as the questions are framed in terms of the querent's emotional perspective and possibilities for personal growth within the relationship context.

What if the Outcome card is negative or unclear?

This can serve as a valuable warning or a sign that the querent needs to reevaluate their actions or mindset; the future is not set in stone.

Can I use this spread for daily guidance?

Yes, this spread can be adapted for daily insights, focusing on what to embrace, what to be cautious about, and the anticipated outcome of the day.

What if the Fears card doesn't seem to resonate with the querent?

Sometimes fears are repressed or not consciously acknowledged. Encourage the querent to reflect more deeply, or consider an additional card for clarification.

Is it important for the querent to shuffle the deck themselves?

While not essential, it helps to transfer the querent's energy into the deck, potentially leading to a more personal and meaningful reading.

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