Spread overview

The 'Body, Mind, Soul' tarot spread is a powerful means for individuals seeking to understand themselves on multiple levels. This spread is designed to offer insight into the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one's being, creating a holistic snapshot of current circumstances or challenges. By utilizing this three-card spread, the querent can receive guidance that addresses their overall well-being.

Each position in the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread correlates to a different aspect of the querent's life. The first card represents the Body – the physical self and any health or corporeal matters. The second card denotes the Mind – encompassing thoughts, beliefs, and mental processes. The last card symbolizes the Soul – the spiritual energy and inner truth of the individual.

These distinct but interconnected planes of existence can sometimes fall out of balance. The 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread is an excellent method for identifying imbalances and receiving direction on how to achieve harmony. Whether a seasoned tarot enthusiast or a beginner, this spread is accessible and deeply informative, offering a focused reading without becoming overwhelming. It also serves as a reflective tool, prompting introspection and personal growth. As a tarot reader, it's essential to approach this spread with an open heart and a clear mind to truly capture the essence of each reading.

Three card "Body, Mind, Soul" spread

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Eight of Cups tarot card


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Three of Wands tarot card


Eight of Cups tarot card

The Eight of Cups represents the brave choice to leave the familiar behind in search of greater meaning and fulfillment, signifying a period of self-discovery and emotional transition.

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Five of Pentacles tarot card

The Five of Pentacles suggests a period of financial or emotional hardship, possibly feeling abandoned or struggling with health or economic issues. It indicates a temporary struggle but also encourages seeking help and finding inner strength to overcome adversity.

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Three of Wands tarot card

The Three of Wands symbolizes foresight, opportunity, and expansion. It suggests growth, planning, and the success awaiting beyond familiar boundaries. This card encourages embracing the future with an open, proactive mindset to realize your potential and seize upcoming opportunities.

Card details

The tarot card meanings provided here offer general insights and may not precisely reflect your personal question. Use this tool as a catalyst for self-discovery, understanding that the interpretation is subjective, and the true value lies in your own reflections.

What questions you can ask?

When approaching the 'Body, Mind, Soul' tarot spread, it is crucial to contemplate questions that aim at achieving a deep and comprehensive understanding of the querent's state in these three core areas. This focused inquiry will guide the reading toward actionable insights and clarity.

Some potential questions to explore include: How can I improve my physical health? What mental patterns or beliefs are currently influencing my life? In what ways can I nurture my spiritual growth? By tailoring the questions to address the body's condition, the mind's influence, and the soul's journey, the querent can obtain a reading that resonates on a profound level.

What questions better to avoid?

Certain types of questions are less conducive to the format and intention of the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread, and it is wise to avoid inquiries that don’t align with the introspective nature of this layout.

Questions to avoid are those that demand determinative answers or focus too heavily on external circumstances, such as: Will I get the job I applied for? Is my partner faithful? These topics may detract from the personal and self-reflective focus necessary for the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread, which centers on the querent's internal landscape and personal empowerment.

Spread step by step guide

  1. Prepare the space for the reading by ensuring a quiet environment, free from distractions.

  2. Have the querent focus on their intention or question for the reading, relating to their body, mind, and soul.

  3. Shuffle the tarot deck while holding the querent's intentions in your thoughts.

  4. Have the querent cut the deck and then draw three cards from the top.

  5. Lay the cards out in a row from left to right, assigning each position to the body, mind, and soul, respectively.

  6. Begin the interpretation of the cards, starting with the first card representing the body, then proceeding to the second for the mind, and finally the third for the soul.

Card positions in details

In the 'Body, Mind, Soul' tarot spread, each card holds a specific significance that contributes to the holistic understanding of the querent’s life. It’s important to interpret each card in the context of its position to glean the most accurate and helpful insights.

The first card represents the Body, revealing information about the querent's physical health, energy levels, and tangible circumstances. It often relates to material and physiological aspects that require attention or change.

The second card stands for the Mind. This position reflects the querent's mental state, thought patterns, beliefs, and the influence of daily interactions on their psychological well-being. It can highlight areas where mental shifts or a new perspective could be beneficial.

The final card symbolizes the Soul. This position dives into the querent's spiritual path, inner wisdom, and emotional core. It often provides insight into how they can align more closely with their true self and spiritual purpose.

Sample of reading

A recent client, Sam, asked, 'How can I achieve balance in my life?' During the reading, the three cards drawn were the Ten of Swords, The High Priestess, and The Star.

Upon revealing the Ten of Swords as the body card, it indicated a period of exhaustion and the need to release old wounds or health challenges to make room for healing.

For the mind card, The High Priestess suggested that Sam was in touch with their intuition, but perhaps not trusting of the inner voice. It was a message to listen more closely and trust in the wisdom that comes from within.

Lastly, The Star as the soul card brought hope—urging Sam to remain faithful to their life's purpose. This card signified guidance and inspiration from spiritual sources, and emphasized the necessity of aligning with one's innermost dreams and convictions.

Overall, the spread suggested that Sam's path to balance would involve letting go of past physical and emotional hurts, embracing inner knowledge and wisdom, and maintaining faith in the journey ahead.

Spread tips

  1. Approach the spread with an open and receptive mindset; be ready to receive whatever messages the tarot may reveal.

  2. Encourage the querent to be specific with their questions to ensure a focused and relevant reading.

  3. Remain attentive to both the traditional meanings of the cards and any intuitive insights that arise during the reading.

  4. Recognize the interconnectivity of the body, mind, and soul as you interpret the cards, as each influences the others.

  5. Ensure there's a comfortable atmosphere to foster a sense of trust and encourage the querent’s openness to the reading.

Common mistakes

  1. Rushing through the reading without giving each card the consideration it deserves.

  2. Overlooking the querent's question or intention and providing guidance that lacks personal relevance.

  3. Mistaking the tarot’s guidance for absolute fate rather than potential pathways or insights.

  4. Ignoring the querent’s feedback or insights during the reading, which can contribute to a richer interpretation.

  5. Neglecting the need for grounding and centering oneself before delivering a reading, which can affect clarity and intuition.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread be used for daily guidance?

Yes, this spread can be used daily as a wellness check-in, helping to bring awareness to the areas of life that may need attention or gratitude.

Do I need a specific tarot deck for this spread?

No, any standard tarot deck can be used for the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread.

Is the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread suitable for beginners?

Absolutely, it’s a simple yet profound spread that beginners can use as they deepen their understanding of tarot.

How often should I do the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread?

The frequency is up to the individual, but it can be done as needed, whether as part of a daily routine or during times of transition.

Should I consult a professional if my cards suggest health or mental concerns?

Yes, while tarot can offer spiritual guidance, it's essential to consult a qualified professional for health or psychological issues.

Can I modify the 'Body, Mind, Soul' spread?

Tarot is flexible, and readers can adapt spreads to their own or their querent’s needs. You might add more cards for deeper insights if desired.

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