Six of Cups tarot card

Six of Cups tarot card keywords

Nostalgia, Childhood memories, Innocence, Revisiting the past, Familiarity, Gift-giving, Joy from past, Sentimentality, Friendship

Six of Cups card key takeaways

  1. The Six of Cups symbolizes nostalgia and revisiting memories from the past, often related to childhood, innocence, and joy.
  2. This card represents a connection to the simpler times of life, suggesting you might be looking for comfort in the familiar or revisiting old friendships.
  3. The appearance of the Six of Cups may indicate good will and benevolence towards others, as well as receiving or giving gifts that have sentimental value.
  4. In terms of personal growth, this card encourages embracing your inner child and the pure, unadulterated emotions associated with youth.
  5. Reflecting on past experiences, the Six of Cups suggests you may learn valuable lessons from reflection which can positively influence your current circumstances.

Six of Cups reversed tarot card keywords

Stuck in the past, Lost innocence, Breaking free from nostalgia, Letting go of memories, Mature perspective, Disregarding lessons from history, Reluctance to move forward, Release from past bonds

Six of Cups reversed key takeaways

  1. The reversed Six of Cups may suggest a detachment from the past, indicating that it's time to let go of former attachments and embrace the present.
  2. This card reversed can imply stuckness due to nostalgia, warning against romanticizing the past at the expense of the future.
  3. It might represent unresolved childhood issues or traumas resurfacing, necessitating healing or closure.
  4. There could be a disruption in rekindling old friendships or relationships, perhaps signaling misunderstandings or that the connection no longer serves your growth.
  5. The card may also hint at the need to update old traditions or beliefs, encouraging you to question whether past patterns are still relevant to your life now.
Six of Cups tarot card

Six of Cups tarot card Top Combinations

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Representing deep connection; a choice about an important relationship may evoke nostalgic memories or childhood sweetheart reunions.

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Polarities clash; unexpected shake-ups may disrupt your sense of past security, urging a reevaluation of what you truly value.


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Indicative of transformation; embracing change can revitalize old relationships or bring closure, allowing for emotional rebirth.

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Augurs familial bliss; investing in the harmony of home, this pairing harks back to traditions and generational wisdom that enrich life.

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Suggests a period of rest; reflection on past experiences provides healing and a solid foundation to move forward with clarity and peace.

Six of Cups tarot card General Meaning

Quick summary

The Six of Cups represents nostalgia, childhood memories, and a return to the simplicity of the past. It suggests reunions and the joy derived from sharing generously without expectation, reminding us to embrace positive aspects from our history.

The Six of Cups is a card that emanates an aura of nostalgia, innocence, and a reconnection with the past. When this card appears in a tarot reading, it often points to the querent experiencing a sense of joy and comfort derived from memories, people, and experiences from their younger years. The imagery typically depicted in the Six of Cups includes children exchanging gifts or flowers, which reinforces this connection to childhood and the simplicity and purity of youthful emotions. Across different tarot decks, these themes are universally recognized, symbolizing an untainted exchange of kindness and the tender aspects of our nature.

In the context of a general reading, the appearance of the Six of Cups suggests a period of reflection or an encounter with someone from your past. This could indicate reunions, revisiting old haunts, or simply indulging in reminiscing. The card speaks to the possibility of an old friend re-entering your life or a situation that brings you back to a time of less complication and more straightforward happiness. The underlying message of the Six of Cups is to acknowledge the importance of our past and the foundational experiences that shape who we are today.

Another layer to the meaning of the Six of Cups is the act of generosity without expectation of reward. The giving and receiving illustrated on the card prompt a reminder of the joy found in making someone else happy. It encourages the querent to share love, knowledge, or gifts as they might have in younger days with an open heart and no ulterior motive. In a broader sense, this card intimates a return to familiar places and the comfort of traditions that ground us. The Six of Cups is a gentle call to embrace the past's positive aspects and to bring those forward into the present to enhance our current journey.

Six of Cups tarot card meaning in Love Spreads

Quick summary

The Six of Cups symbolizes sweet nostalgia and innocent love in relationships. It may hint at the return of a past lover or the importance of cherishing a shared history and childlike joy in a current partnership.

The Six of Cups in an upright position is deeply tied to notions of nostalgia, childhood memories, and the joys from the past. When this card appears in a love reading, it may suggest that a relationship is imbued with a sense of innocence, possibly reminiscent of youthful love or a bond that carries the pure qualities of a childhood friendship. It could indicate that an old flame or past connection might re-enter your life, offering you a chance to rekindle what was once a meaningful relationship.

This card also encourages you to embrace an open-hearted, generous attitude in your current relationship, focusing on simple pleasures and genuine affection. It is about giving and receiving love unconditionally, much like the innocence of first love. The Six of Cups reminds lovers to appreciate the history they share and to bring forth that sweet, caring energy into the present. It is a call to celebrate the current relationship for the layers of shared history and mutual understanding that have been developed over time.

Six of Cups tarot card meaning in Money & Finance Spreads

Quick summary

The Six of Cups indicates reflection on past financial decisions that contribute to current security. It may point to benefits from past investments or generosity. Embrace conservative strategies that worked previously for stability.

The Six of Cups when drawn upright commonly refers to nostalgia, memories, and the joys of the past. In the context of money and finances, it might suggest a reflection on past financial decisions or situations that have a lasting impact on your current financial security. This card can signal that you may be benefiting from investments or generosity, such as an inheritance or a gift, which roots in actions taken long ago.

Perhaps it is a reminder to revisit old financial plans or to reconnect with past financial advisors or partners who played a positive role in your financial growth. The Six of Cups may also suggest that it's a good time to employ conservative financial strategies that have proven successful before, relying on the wisdom of previous experiences to guide current financial decisions.

Although not directly associated with wealth, this card implies that understanding and appreciating financial lessons from the past can contribute to a more stable and reassuring monetary situation.

Six of Cups tarot card meaning in Health Spreads

Quick summary

The Six of Cups signifies a time of healing by reconnecting with the health practices of the past and embodying a youthful, positive approach to well-being.

The Six of Cups is a card that generally embodies nostalgia, happy memories, and the rejuvenation that comes from reflecting on pleasant times in the past. When this card appears in a health-oriented Tarot reading, it might suggest a period of healing or recovery where you are reminded of your physical resilience or reconnecting with a healthier state of being that you once knew.

This card can also indicate the importance of childhood influences on your current health, such as ingrained habits or the long-lasting impact of your early environment on your well-being. It's conceivable that a return to the simple health practices or joys of your younger years could prove beneficial. The Six of Cups may also be advising you to bring an attitude of innocence and playfulness to your approach to health, embracing a more carefree and positive outlook that can foster both mental and physical healing.

Six of Cups tarot card meaning in Work & Career Spreads

Quick summary

Reflect on past joys in your career and bring positive elements into your current work. Supportive workplace, possible return of past colleagues. Balance past with present for career growth.

The Six of Cups appearing in the context of work and career often signifies a period of nostalgia and reflection on past career successes, or even previous jobs that offered a sense of joy and fulfillment. It might be a reminder to look back and remember the elements of your past roles that made you happy, perhaps indicating a desire to incorporate similar feelings or activities into your current job.

This card can also suggest that your workplace environment is congenial and supportive, much like a family, promoting teamwork and mutual care among colleagues. The Six of Cups might also indicate a former colleague or mentor re-entering your life, potentially opening doors to new opportunities or offering guidance.

The card advises balancing past experiences with present endeavors – it’s about bringing the positive aspects from past work into the now, while maintaining a focus on current responsibilities and growth opportunities. Embracing the qualities of goodwill and generosity at work could pave the way to personal fulfillment and career advancements.

Six of Cups reversed tarot card General Meaning

Quick summary

The Six of Cups reversed signifies a need to release old attachments and embrace the present. It cautions against being stuck in the past, urging personal growth by learning from previous experiences without letting them define us.

The Six of Cups reversed is a card that speaks volumes about our past and the impact it has on our present and future. Traditionally, the upright Six of Cups represents nostalgia, childhood memories, and familiar comforts. It speaks to our longing for the simplicity and innocence of days gone by, and the interactions that have shaped who we are. When flipped, this card suggests a different tale, one that urges us to reflect on the past with a more discerning eye.

In its reversed position, the Six of Cups indicates that one might be stuck in the past, experiencing difficulties moving forward. There may be excessive clinging to old memories or relationships that no longer serve our best interests. It highlights the potential of being trapped by outmoded ways of thinking or romanticizing the 'good old days' to the detriment of living in the present. The past is a comfortable place to visit, but dwelling there can hinder our growth and prevent us from creating new experiences.

The Six of Cups reversed calls us to let go of what no longer works, to forgive and heal from past hurts, and to learn the essential lessons our history has taught us. It is a gentle reminder to release the weight of yesteryear and embrace the potential of now. Our history shapes us, but it need not define us. In the dance of the cards, it's essential to find the rhythm of our own journey, constantly drawing from the past only the wisdom that propels us forward, and discarding the chains that hold us back. This card invites self-reflection and indicates the need for personal reckoning, where one disentangles their identity from bygone events and reclaims the narrative of their life story.

By facing the shadows of our history and extracting the valuable lessons within, we evolve and transform. The Six of Cups reversed encourages a reevaluation of the influence the past has on our present circumstances, urging a clear-eyed view that can lead to personal liberation and growth.

Six of Cups reversed tarot card meaning in Love Spreads

Quick summary

The Six of Cups reversed in love indicates struggles with letting go of the past and hinders current relationships. Embrace the present and heal for future love.

The Six of Cups reversed suggests that in the realm of love, you may be facing challenges that stem from a longing for the comfort found in past relationships or happier times. This card's inverted position points to a potential struggle in letting go of old memories or an ex-lover, which may be hindering your emotional availability to current or prospective partners. It encourages self-reflection and personal growth, urging you to release any nostalgia or idealization of past bonds that could be clouding your judgement.

Instead of dwelling on what once was, the Six of Cups reversed asks you to live in the present and embrace the possibilities of new love. In doing so, you may find that emotional fulfillment lies ahead rather than behind you. Acknowledge and heal from the pain of the past, allowing yourself to move forward with a clear heart, ready for the authentic connections that await you.

Six of Cups reversed tarot card meaning in Money & Finance Spreads

Quick summary

The Six of Cups reversed suggests reassessing past financial habits and letting go of outdated strategies to adapt to the current economic climate for growth.

The Six of Cups reversed in a Tarot reading regarding money and finances often suggests a break from past financial habits or a reevaluation of old investments. This card in its reversed position signifies that it might be time to let go of outdated financial strategies that are no longer serving you well. It could point towards an inability to replicate previous financial successes, possibly due to changed circumstances or market shifts. The nostalgia associated with the Six of Cups may imply a clinging to the security of financial strategies that once worked, but are now obsolete. The reversed card encourages you to shift your perspective and adapt to the current financial climate rather than relying on what worked in the past.

Embracing innovation can lead to your financial growth. Be open to new ideas, including new sources of income or investment approaches that align with the evolving economy. The release of old financial patterns will pave the way for a refreshed and more applicable financial strategy.

Six of Cups reversed tarot card meaning in Health Spreads

Quick summary

The reversed Six of Cups in health advises letting go of past health habits for current wellness. Reassess routines for present needs and avoid unhealthy escapism.

When the Six of Cups appears in a reversed position regarding health, it often symbolizes a time to focus on the present rather than indulging in nostalgia. There might be an indication that you are lingering on past health issues or former habits that no longer serve your wellbeing. This card suggests that holding onto previous conceptions of health could be hindering your progress towards recovery or improved health.

It's essential to reassess current health routines and seek new solutions that resonate with your body's needs today. The reversed Six of Cups signals a call for personal growth by releasing outdated beliefs about your health. This might mean letting go of old dietary habits, exercise routines, or even outdated self-care practices. Embracing change and actively seeking joy in new, healthy living patterns is encouraged. This card also warns against escapism through unhealthy coping mechanisms, which can lead to physical detriment. By adopting a forward-looking approach to your health, you can overcome past adversities and foster a rejuvenated sense of wellness.

Six of Cups reversed tarot card meaning in Work & Career Spreads

Quick summary

The reversed Six of Cups suggests a need to release past career methods and embrace change for professional growth. Reflect on past experiences for valuable lessons.

The Six of Cups reversed in a Work & Career context can often signify that one is stuck in the past and may be experiencing difficulty moving forward. This card calls attention to the possible presence of outdated methodologies or an overly nostalgic attachment to past successes or old ways of doing things. It may also hint at a professional environment that is not conducive to growth, signaling the need for a change of scenery or a pivot in one's career path.

If you've been in the same position for a long time, this card can imply that it's time to seek new opportunities for advancement. Alternatively, the Six of Cups reversed suggests that you might not be learning from past experiences, which could lead to repeated mistakes. It's important to reflect on your past professional dealings and discern the valuable lessons they offer. Embracing change can be daunting, but this card encourages you to let go of what no longer serves your career and make space for new experiences that can lead to fulfillment and success.

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