The Devil tarot card

The Devil tarot card keywords

Materialism, Bondage, Addiction, Obsessions, Sexual connections, Powerlessness, Manipulation, Excess, Limitation, Unhealthy relationships

The Devil card key takeaways

  1. The Devil Upright often signifies a feeling of entrapment and the presence of materialistic or hedonistic tendencies, suggesting a period of bondage to physical desires or unhealthy relationships.
  2. This card warns of addictions or behaviors that are difficult to break free from, but it also reminds us that this bondage is often self-imposed, and the power to release these chains lies within.
  3. It can also represent the shadow self and the need to confront inner fears or negative traits in order to achieve personal growth and empowerment.
  4. The Devil may also point towards obsession or control in a situation or relationship, urging reflection on areas in life where one might feel dominated or manipulated.
  5. Finally, in some circumstances, it could indicate a strong, passionate love affair that, while possibly intoxicating, could lead to destructive patterns or dependency if not approached with awareness and self-control.

The Devil reversed tarot card keywords

Breaking free, Overcoming addictions, Recognizing harmful patterns, Release of bondage, Reclaiming power, Personal liberation, Rejection of materialism, Resisting temptation, Empowerment, Awakening

The Devil reversed key takeaways

  1. Releasing negative patterns: The reversed Devil card often signifies the overcoming of addiction or the breaking of unhealthy bonds, suggesting a period of personal liberation.
  2. Gaining freedom: It represents the triumph over materialism and superficiality, suggesting that one has gained more control over their primal desires and impulses.
  3. Increased self-awareness: This card can be a call to acknowledge the darker aspects of one's personality, but with the intent to understand and grow from these realizations.
  4. Empowerment: The card heralds a time where you can reclaim your personal power by freeing yourself from limiting beliefs that may have once held you back.
  5. Recovering control: The reversal may indicate that through introspection and effort, one has begun to reverse the power dynamics that previously led to feelings of entrapment or helplessness.
The Devil tarot card

The Devil tarot card Top Combinations

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Temptations threaten a significant relationship. Beware of letting desires control your choices, potentially leading to infidelity or strain.

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the tower tarot card

An abrupt awakening to unhealthy attachments or addictions. Sudden change is needed to break free from self-imposed bondage.

the fool

the fool tarot card

Naivety could lead to entrapment. Be cautious of ignorance becoming a vice, or you may be ensnared in a consequential situation.


death tarot card

Represents the end of a cycle of dependency or materialism, urging a transformation that confronts inner demons and paves the way for rebirth.

the magician

the magician tarot card

Misuse of power and influence. Manipulation and deceit may be at play. It's a reminder to use your abilities ethically.

The Devil tarot card General Meaning

Quick summary

The upright Devil card symbolizes self-imposed bondage to materialism or negative behaviors. It suggests a need for introspection and overcoming personal limitations to achieve freedom and personal growth.

The Devil card, when appearing in its upright position, often provokes a strong response due to its intense imagery and symbolism. At its core, this card represents the concept of being bound, but it's important to understand that these chains are self-imposed, highlighting the power that individuals hold over their own lives. The Devil card suggests that you may be feeling trapped or confined, potentially by materialistic needs, unhealthy relationships, or addictive behaviors that have led you into a seemingly inescapable situation.

The illustration of the Devil card typically features a large, satyr-like figure, reminiscent of the mythological Pan or the Christian depiction of Satan, symbolizing our earthly bonds and hedonistic tendencies. This figure reigns over two figures, often chained and seeming to suffer, indicating the power that vice and material desires can have over us. However, a closer examination reveals that the chains are loose, signifying that freedom is within reach if one chooses to escape the grasp of their vices.

In readings, the Devil card asks you to explore the darker aspects of your personality, such as jealousy, greed, and deceit, urging you to confront these elements and consider how they are influencing your choices. It is a call to introspection and personal examination, encouraging you to recognize the limiting beliefs or dependencies that are hindering your progress. Therefore, the Devil card does not signify that you are doomed to a negative fate, but rather that you are faced with a challenge to overcome your shadows and rise above the limitations you have imposed upon yourself. As with all challenges, this presents an opportunity for growth, emancipation, and a deeper understanding of personal power and resilience.

The Devil tarot card meaning in Love Spreads

Quick summary

The Devil Upright in love suggests dependency and materialism over deep emotional connection, indicating a need to reassess the relationship's foundations.

In a love context, 'The Devil' Upright Tarot card often signifies a relationship mired in materialism and physical pleasures, overlooking the soulful connection that love needs to thrive. It can indicate a partnership founded on desire rather than genuine affection, suggesting an entrapment of sorts through unhealthy dependencies, power plays, or manipulations.

The card speaks to obsessions or addictions that might be causing harm to the relationship. It could also point to a fear of intimacy or commitment, where one is chained to their insecurities and unable to move forward. The Devil can represent a warning to reassess one’s priorities in love, encouraging an examination of whether a relationship is based on love or an unhealthy attachment. It invites those involved to look beyond the surface-level gratifications and consider the deeper facets of partnership—trust, respect, and emotional support.

The Devil tarot card meaning in Money & Finance Spreads

Quick summary

The Devil tarot card indicates potential financial bondage, obsession with wealth, or harmful spending habits. It calls for a reassessment of one's financial situation to break free from money-related issues.

When The Devil tarot card appears in a reading concerning money and finances in its upright position, its symbolism can represent a variety of challenges and warnings. Typically, this card signifies attachment and bondage to material possessions or financial circumstances. It can indicate an unhealthy obsession with wealth or a fear-driven relationship with money, where one might find themselves enslaved by debt or trapped in a cycle of excessive materialism.

It could also suggest that you are feeling powerless in your financial situation, perhaps due to a lack of self-control or being ensnared in deals that are not in your best interest. It may be a sign of being caught up in unhealthy patterns of spending or investing. The Devil card urges you to confront these issues, scrutinize your financial habits, and break free from the chains of financial burdens or toxic relationships with money. It serves as a stark reminder to practice moderation and to reassess what you truly value beyond the material realm.

The Devil tarot card meaning in Health Spreads

Quick summary

The Devil upright indicates the need to examine unhealthy habits affecting one's health. It represents a call for transformation and breaking free from addictions to improve overall well-being.

The Devil card, when drawn in the upright position and related to health, suggests a potential for unhealthy habits and patterns in one's life. This card can signify being trapped in behaviors that may be harmful to one's physical well-being, such as overindulgence in food, alcohol, or substances, or being stuck in a cycle of sedentary lifestyle devoid of exercise.

The presence of The Devil card encourages a careful examination of lifestyle choices and the possible psychological factors that lead to these detrimental habits. It is an invitation to confront the shadow aspects of the self, recognizing the chains of addiction or compulsion and the need to take steps to break free. By doing so, the individual can initiate a powerful transformation towards greater health and well-being.

To address the issues The Devil card raises, one might benefit from seeking support from healthcare professionals, counselors, or support groups to help in releasing these bonds and creating a more balanced and health-conscious life.

The Devil tarot card meaning in Work & Career Spreads

Quick summary

'The Devil' Upright in work and career signifies feeling trapped or limited professionally. It suggests a toxic environment, oppressive structures, or a lack of growth. The card advises confronting the fears and self-imposed chains that hinder your career progress.

In the context of work and career, 'The Devil' Upright tarot card typically signifies a challenging phase characterized by feelings of being trapped or constrained in your job. This card suggests that you may be dealing with a toxic work environment, oppressive office politics, or finding yourself in a position that stifles your growth and creativity. It can also point towards an overbearing boss or colleagues who create a hindering atmosphere.

The card can symbolize an underlying fear of change that keeps you chained to your current circumstances despite your unhappiness. However, 'The Devil' also serves as a reminder that while you might feel bound to your situation, these chains are often of one's own making. It encourages a deep introspection to understand the root causes of your discontent, such as materialism, the pursuit of power, or an addiction to financial security, which may be hampering your career progression. The key message here is to recognize and confront your professional demons, urging you to reclaim control and find a path that is freeing and fulfilling.

The Devil reversed tarot card General Meaning

Quick summary

The Devil reversed symbolizes the breaking of chains, indicating a release from negative attachments and personal liberation. It heralds introspection, self-improvement, and the reclaiming of personal power, as you move towards a more authentic existence.

The Devil card, when reversed, indicates a period where you are confronting your inner fears and breaking free from restraints that have previously held you back. This card typically features the image of the Devil, a symbol of materialism and temptation, but when inverted, it suggests that you are overcoming unhealthy attachments, addictions, or negative patterns that were once a source of bondage.

In the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck, The Devil depicts a figure with bat-like wings, horns, and an inverted pentagram on its forehead, presiding over two figures in chains. However, upon closer inspection, one can see that the chains around their necks are loose, implying that these bonds can be removed. The reversed Devil card accentuates this potential for liberation. It serves as an invitation to engage in introspective work, aiming to understand the root causes of your limitations. It is often during this time that you gain insights into your shadow self and begin the journey towards healing and self-improvement.

The reversed Devil also urges you to reassess what structures you've been relying on and shows an emerging desire to challenge and disrupt the status quo. It could signify breaking free from a strict belief system, an oppressive job, or a toxic relationship. Such a transformation might not be comfortable, but it's essential for growth. This act of rebellion against external control invites you to claim back your personal power and align yourself with your true values. The Devil reversed marks a pivotal moment where you choose autonomy over conformity, opting for a path that honours your individuality.

This tarot card's message is one of hope and determination, motivating you to take control of your destiny by acting upon the desire for positive change. As you shake off the chains of the past, you find that the devil you've battled might just be the guardian to a new, more authentic life.

The Devil reversed tarot card meaning in Love Spreads

Quick summary

The Devil reversed indicates liberation from toxic love bonds, promoting growth and healthier relationships, as fears are overcome and boundaries are set.

When The Devil card appears in a Tarot reading in the reversed position, it signals a period of breaking free from the chains of a toxic relationship or unhealthy attachments in the sphere of love. This card invites you to recognize and confront the ways in which you may feel trapped, dependent, or limited in your romantic relationships, whether it's due to emotional dependencies, sexual bonds, or psychological manipulation.

The reversal of The Devil card suggests that you or your partner are starting to acknowledge these limitations and are taking steps towards liberation and empowerment. It can herald the end of an oppressive situation, allowing for personal growth and healthier connections. The energy surrounding this card is one of overcoming fears, establishing boundaries, and refusing to be controlled or defined by the darker aspects of love. The path to a more authentic and fulfilling partnership is illuminated, one that honors both individuals' freedom and well-being.

The Devil reversed tarot card meaning in Money & Finance Spreads

Quick summary

The Devil reversed indicates liberation from financial obsessions and unhealthy attachments to material wealth, signaling a period of positive change, reassessment, and recovery in financial matters.

In the reversed position, The Devil tarot card often symbolizes a breaking free from the chains of materialism and a thorough reassessment of one's attitude towards money and finances. Typically, it indicates that you are recognizing the constraints and negative patterns that have been influencing your financial decisions, and you are now in a position to reclaim control.

Perhaps you have been overly concerned with wealth and material possessions, allowing money to dominate your values and actions. The Devil reversed suggests a shift away from such a mindset, as you begin to understand that financial success does not equate personal happiness. This card encourages a release from fears of financial insecurity or the obsessions over status linked to wealth.

Overall, this card is a positive omen for financial affairs as it signals a period of recovery from debt, a more balanced approach to handling resources, and the potential to overcome financial hardships by letting go of limiting beliefs and self-imposed restrictions.

The Devil reversed tarot card meaning in Health Spreads

Quick summary

The reversed Devil card in health implies breaking free from bad habits and addictions, signaling empowerment and a positive change towards wellness.

When 'The Devil' card appears in a reversed position in a Tarot reading concerning health, it often suggests a period of breaking free from unhealthy habits or overcoming addictions. This card, depicted with chains, represents bondage but in its reversed state, indicates the loosening of these metaphorical chains, allowing for a liberation from the behaviors that are detrimental to one's physical and mental wellbeing.

The reversed Devil card heralds a phase of self-awareness and empowerment where the individual is reclaiming control over their own health choices. It can signal a turning point where one recognizes the negative impact of excesses and is ready to commit to positive change. These could be related to overcoming dependencies, improving diet, establishing exercise routines, or seeking support for mental health issues. It is a strong indicator of a person's willpower and determination to return to a state of balance and wellness.

The Devil reversed tarot card meaning in Work & Career Spreads

Quick summary

The Devil reversed in a career reading suggests breaking free from limiting job situations or mindsets. It's a time for change and aligning work with true values for renewed purpose.

When The Devil card appears reversed in a tarot reading concerning work and career, it denotes a significant period of reflection and reckoning. While The Devil upright can signify entrapment and addiction to material or societal expectations, its inversion suggests the breaking of chains and the liberation from self-imposed restraints.

In the context of your profession, seeing The Devil reversed indicates a recognition of the unhealthy patterns or toxic environments that might have been impeding your growth. It can mark a turning point where you realize the need to release or renegotiate restricting contracts, overcome limiting self-beliefs, or break free from a job that drains your spirit. This card advises you to reclaim your power and align your career path with your true self. Opportunities may arise for you to pursue vocational interests that are more fulfilling spiritually and emotionally. Liberation from the metaphorical chains of The Devil reversed can lead to a renewed sense of purpose in your work life, encouraging you to pursue what genuinely resonates with your core values and long-term goals.

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