Strength tarot card

Strength tarot card keywords

Inner strength, Courage, Persuasion, Compassion, Confidence, Patience, Control, Resilience

Strength card key takeaways

  1. Strength represents inner courage, bravery, and resilience, often suggesting that you are overcoming obstacles through confidence and self-belief.
  2. This card signifies a period where compassionate influence and subtle control yield better results than forceful actions or raw power.
  3. It reflects a harmony between instinct and intellect, encouraging a balance between our animalistic drives and higher consciousness.
  4. Drawing the Strength card may indicate that you should gently assert your position and influence in a situation, using your strength in a thoughtful and emotionally mature manner.
  5. The Strength card symbolizes the importance of patience and endurance, implying that your persistent efforts will lead to success.

Strength reversed tarot card keywords

Inner weakness, Self-doubt, Lack of discipline, Loss of control, Insecurity, Impatience, Overwhelm, Vulnerability, Failure to confront

Strength reversed key takeaways

  1. The reversed Strength card suggests inner turmoil and a lack of self-control, leading to an inability to overcome challenges through calmness and resilience.
  2. It indicates a possible surrender to impulses and base desires, resulting in a lost opportunity for personal growth and empowerment.
  3. This card might reveal feelings of inadequacy or fear, causing one to overcompensate in unhealthy ways or display an unnecessary aggression.
  4. The reversed Strength card can hint at the need to confront inner doubts and vulnerabilities, urging you to find the courage to face what you've been avoiding.
  5. It can signal a time of reflection to understand where your true source of strength lies and how tapping into it could bring about a renewed sense of confidence and patience.
Strength tarot card

Strength tarot card Top Combinations

the lovers

the lovers tarot card

Harmony in balancing passion and compassion. A relationship requiring courage, possibly testing commitment with gentle force and self-control.

the emperor

the emperor tarot card

A powerful mix denoting leadership with benevolence. Your disciplined approach will command respect without the need for severity.

the tower

the tower tarot card

Brace for upheaval. Finding inner fortitude is crucial to navigate through sudden change. Emotional resilience will turn crisis into growth.

the moon

the moon tarot card

Confronting fears and intuition. Illusions may test your resolve, but inner courage guides you through the uncertainty and hidden truths.

the chariot

the chariot tarot card

Determination meets control. Harnessing primal forces to move forward with purpose. Success comes from mastering emotions and staying the course.

Strength tarot card General Meaning

Quick summary

The upright Strength Tarot card represents inner resilience, courage, and control over base instincts. It urges quiet confidence and emotional fortitude, combining compassion with an enduring spirit to overcome challenges. The card encourages harnessing inner power through patience and self-belief.

The Strength card in the Tarot deck is a powerful image, embodying not just physical prowess but also moral courage and inner fortitude. When this card appears upright in a reading, it beckons the querent to tap into their reservoir of inner strength and to face their challenges with conviction. The image traditionally depicts a woman gently closing the jaws of a lion, symbolizing control over our primal instincts and the ability to manage what seems fierce or overwhelming with grace and courage.

In a broader sense, the Strength card signifies emotional control and resilience. It marks a period where compassionate understanding and quiet confidence drive one's actions. This isn't the brute force often associated with strength; rather, it's the strength to endure, to forgive, and to overcome adversity through patience and firm resolve. The card suggests harnessing one's energy in a consistent and directed manner, avoiding wasteful dispersion of effort.

The presence of this card could also indicate the importance of self-belief and self-assurance in achieving one's goals. It speaks of the need for hope and courage, as well as the importance of gentleness – the kind that stems from genuine self-assuredness and not from fear or aggression. It asks the individual to remain steadfast in the face of trials, drawing from a deep well of spiritual or emotional power.

In the dance of life, the Strength card acts as a guiding force, encouraging the seeker to embrace their inner warrior – one who conquers doubt and uncertainty not with a sword, but with the undeniable power of unconditional love and inner wisdom. It reminds us that we possess an innate ability to face life's challenges, and through understanding and mastering our inner world, we can navigate the outer world with poise and purpose.

Strength tarot card meaning in Love Spreads

Quick summary

The Strength card in love signifies a strong, patient, and compassionate relationship. It highlights emotional support, mutual respect, and the overcoming of challenges together.

In the context of love, drawing the Strength card in its upright position symbolizes a powerful bond built on mutual respect, patience, and understanding. This card illustrates the kind of love that isn't flashy or showy but is instead rooted in a deep emotional connection and shared strength. It highlights the courage both parties have to confront their personal issues and vulnerabilities together, and the inner confidence to express their affections and be open with one another.

The Strength card suggests that your relationship may be in a phase where both partners are being called to show compassion and forbearance, possibly working through disagreements or personal struggles with a loving kindness. This card can also indicate a dynamic where one partner provides strength and support for the other, bolstering them through a tough time with love that is both gentle and fierce. It's a reminder that true strength in a relationship isn't about dominance or power over each other, but about the power you each give one another to be your best selves.

Strength tarot card meaning in Money & Finance Spreads

Quick summary

The Strength card in a financial context represents disciplined financial management and the importance of patience. It indicates overcoming challenges with inner courage and suggests a stable, prosperous future.

The Strength card, when drawn upright in a Tarot reading concerning money and finances, signifies a period of inner courage and resilience in the face of financial challenges. It implies that the querent possesses the necessary self-control and discipline to manage their resources effectively. This card is a potent reminder that patience and a calm demeanor are vital when dealing with financial matters.

The illustration of a woman gently closing the jaws of a lion symbolizes mastering one's instincts, emotions, and material desires. This action suggests that the querent can master their financial situation through a balanced approach, avoiding impulsive spending and making mindful decisions. The Strength card encourages the individual to persevere, as their fortitude will likely lead to stability and the eventual overcoming of any economic hardships.

In essence, this card's appearance is a positive omen that the querent's financial determination and ethical approach will not only help in maintaining their current wealth but may also attract further abundance. The key message is to remain courageous and compassionate in all financial dealings, ensuring a stable and prosperous path forward.

Strength tarot card meaning in Health Spreads

Quick summary

The Strength card, when drawn upright, indicates good health marked by inner resilience and mental determination aiding physical well-being, hinting at the ability to face health challenges confidently.

The Strength card in its upright position symbolizes inner fortitude, resilience, and the subtle control of one's instincts and impulses, which is highly relevant when exploring its connection to health. Drawing this card suggests a period of robust physical vitality and emotional wellbeing, where the individual finds the courage and persistence necessary to overcome health challenges.

It reflects a harmonious balance between mind and body, where mental tenacity aids in the healing and maintenance of physical health. The Strength card encourages the querent to nurture both mental and physical strength, acknowledging that a calm, courageous spirit can greatly influence one's recovery or the management of a long-term health condition. It is a reminder that health is not just the absence of illness, but also the active management of well-being, encompassing emotional fortitude and a positive outlook.

Strength tarot card meaning in Work & Career Spreads

Quick summary

The Strength card signals resilience and moral fortitude in career matters, emphasizing patience, diplomacy, and emotional control. Success comes from inner strength, not force, hinting at possible promotion or recognition.

The Strength card in an upright position, when drawn in relation to work and career matters, imparts a profound message of inner fortitude and resilience. It suggests that one's personal power and moral courage are driving forces in the workplace. You may find yourself in situations that require patience and diplomacy, but with your innate strength, you are well-equipped to handle them with grace.

This card is indicative of a period where your determination and ability to stay the course, regardless of challenges, will prove to be your greatest assets. It's not about using brute force to get where you want to be, but rather summoning your inner reserves of psychological and emotional strength to overcome any obstacles. The courage to be compassionate, even in corporate environments, can lead to respect and admiration from colleagues and superiors alike.

Persistence, endurance, and a calm approach will lead you to triumph. A promotion or recognition could be on the horizon, as Strength often signifies the mastery of one's own environment through the taming of the proverbial lion within.

Strength reversed tarot card General Meaning

Quick summary

The reversed Strength card suggests inner struggle, fear, and self-doubt, indicating the need for self-reflection on one's weaknesses. It highlights potential misuse of power, urging a reassessment of leadership style and advocating for confronting internal issues to transform them into personal growth.

The Strength card in the Tarot deck is one that represents courage, persuasion, influence, and inner strength. But when this card appears in a reversed position during a reading, its meaning can present a different layer of interpretation that warrants a reflective approach to the challenges and situations at hand.

In its reversed state, the Strength card often suggests an inner struggle or weakness that may not be immediately obvious to the outsider. It can reflect a situation where one feels overwhelmed, uncertain, and lacking the confidence needed to face obstacles. This could manifest as fear, self-doubt, or an inability to assert oneself in circumstances that require a strong will and fortitude. There might be a sense of being controlled by one's base instincts or emotions, such as anger, jealousy, or impatience, leading to a disconnection from one's higher self or purpose.

Another aspect of the Strength card reversed is the theme of misuse of power. Where the upright card speaks to influence wielded with gentle assertiveness, its reversal could signify that there has been a domination or aggressive control either by the querent or those around them. It points towards an imbalance of force and an important need to reassess the approach to leadership and the exertion of will over others.

Nevertheless, the reversed Strength card is not purely negative. It serves as a reminder that true strength comes from not only surmounting external challenges but also confronting our own internal weaknesses. It invites introspection and a call to address inner turmoil, to find healthy outlets for our more primal energies, and to cultivate patience, tolerance, and understanding both for ourselves and others.

When confronted with the reversed Strength card, it is crucial for the querent to seek harmony, self-compassion, and to reconnect with their innate resiliency. The journey towards empowerment often involves recognizing our vulnerabilities and transforming them into sources of personal growth and wisdom.

Strength reversed tarot card meaning in Love Spreads

Quick summary

The Strength reversed suggests struggles with self-esteem or power imbalances in love. It calls for forgiveness, self-love, and patient rebuilding of mutual respect.

The Strength card reversed in a love Tarot reading may signify a phase where you or your partner are feeling inadequate or experiencing low self-esteem. It could indicate that one of you is struggling to deal with issues internally or within the relationship and feeling a lack of emotional fortitude to confront these matters head-on. This could be a conflict where one partner tries to assert dominance or control over the other, leading to an imbalance of power dynamics.

It's essential to address these issues with compassion and patience. Take it as a sign to practice self-love, encouraging a relationship based on mutual respect and kindness, rather than attempting to 'tame' each other. Additionally, the reversed Strength card can denote a need to forgive, not just your partner, but also yourself, which is a crucial step toward healing and strengthening the connection between you two. This card reminds you that true strength in love comes from vulnerability and the courage to face and work through personal and interpersonal challenges together.

Strength reversed tarot card meaning in Money & Finance Spreads

Quick summary

The reversed Strength card in a financial context points to financial insecurities and a lack of discipline. It calls for inner strength to confront and overcome fiscal challenges.

When the Strength card appears reversed in a reading related to money and finances, it signals a period where you may feel overwhelmed by financial challenges, and it indicates a lack of control or discipline in managing monetary affairs.

There can be a tendency to act on impulsive desires rather than taking a prudent and patient approach to financial planning. This card cautions against letting fears and insecurities dictate financial decisions, suggesting that inner doubt may be undermining your ability to improve your financial situation.

It's a time to reassess your relationship with money, confront any self-destructive habits like overspending or neglecting savings, and find the courage within to regain composure. The reversed Strength card urges to tackle financial problems with a calm and steady hand, reinforcing the need for self-belief and resilience to overcome financial obstacles and insecurity.

Strength reversed tarot card meaning in Health Spreads

Quick summary

The reversed Strength card in a health context suggests vulnerability and low vitality. It indicates a need for self-compassion, balanced lifestyle, and attention to emotional well-being for recovery.

When the Strength card appears in a reversed position concerning a health inquiry, it may indicate a period of vulnerability and a lack of vitality. The card suggests that your inner strength and stamina might be tested, perhaps due to ongoing health issues that require more attention than you are currently giving them.

Emotional stress and mental fatigue could be weakening your body's defenses, making it imperative to address psychological well-being as part of your healing process. This card urges you to practice self-compassion and not to force yourself too harshly in recovery or in managing your health. The reversed Strength card also speaks to the importance of balance - between rest and activity, diet and exercise, and work and personal life. Reflecting on these aspects might reveal where you can make supportive adjustments.

Overall, consider viewing this period as an opportunity to reassess and strengthen your approach to health, listening closely to your body's needs and responding with gentle determination.

Strength reversed tarot card meaning in Work & Career Spreads

Quick summary

The reversed Strength card indicates a period of self-doubt and lack of confidence in one's career, with possible power imbalances at work. It is a reminder to tap into inner strength and assert one's abilities.

The reversed Strength card in a work and career context can suggest a period of self-doubt and lack of confidence in your professional life. You may find yourself questioning your abilities and feeling as if you are not up to the challenges that your job presents. This card can indicate an imbalance of power, where you may feel overpowered or dominated by workplace dynamics or a particular colleague. Instead of facing issues with courage and resilience, you might be inclined to avoid confrontation, failing to assert your boundaries effectively.

It's essential to recognize that inner strength is required to navigate through these trying times. You might be underestimating your capabilities or allowing fear to prevent you from taking opportunities for growth. Reflect on personal power and find ways to build up your confidence. This might involve seeking support, learning new skills, or simply asserting yourself in small but significant ways. Remember, the reversed Strength card is not a sign of weakness, but a call to rediscover the power within you that may have gone unnoticed or underutilized.

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